Physical and psychological health

My wild theory is that we should deeply understand which companies are setting incentives for unhealthy behaviour. Then do experiments to re-engineer these incentives together with these terrible companies. Easy peasy, ayeee:

   1 [Healthy eating](<>)

   2 [Walking and cycling more](<>)

   3 [Having the right people around](<>)

<aside> 💭 You will come across expandable comments from fictional random people raising objections about my wild theories. For example:

Before I came to the conclusion that focusing on health may solve some (of my own) very basic problems, I thought through what’s the most rational approach to optimise for impact. Maybe it is to prevent the poorest people from dying, getting sick or getting hungry? Here’s my analysis:

Don’t die

  1 [Don’t be sick](<>)

  2 [Don’t be hungry](<>) 

           2.1 [Have a meal](<>) 

           2.2 [Have “forever” meals](<>) 

  3 [Don’t die in the future](<>)

But wait, clearly it’s climate change I should work on! That’s what our generation agreed on should be our prio, no?

Clearly it’s climate change

In the future, I want to go deeper on the above and also write about how the “what to work on” decisions evolved over time for some interesting people like MrBeast, Elon Musk or Julian Shapiro.